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The West KOP Stand

Inaugurated in August 2016, this “people’s stand” is the result of effective collaboration between the club’s leaders and the supporters’ clubs, who had noticed that the KOP was far too cramped in the North-West corner.

In order to make room for the growing support for Strasbourg players, which was growing more and more, a move to the West High stand was necessary despite everyone’s attachment to the emblematic corner where the most active fans of Racing historically gathered.

But, much more than a simple change of location of the KOP, it is a question, in part thanks to attractive prices, of bringing to life a large space where all audiences, all sensibilities and all rhythms of support live together for the team. This mix of people, which would have been impossible in the saturated corner, is much more diverse in the large West stand with a high potential to welcome even more spectators.

From the first match, attendance and entertainment at this new heart of the Meinau far exceeded expectations of even the most optimistic!

Now considered a reference in France, the popular stand makes the stadium sing and vibrate at each Racing match thanks to a festive and friendly atmosphere.