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Former Players Association

Dear to President Marc Keller’s heart, the RC Strasbourg Former Players Association was founded on Saturday 18 November 2017. It acts as a symbol of the club’s willingness to recognize and value both its sporting heritage as well as its people. 

To date the Association has 183 members who regularly meet up at various events organized in Alsace. It is chaired by Léonard Specht who argues that, “It is important to develop a link between generations and not to forget what happened. RC Strasbourg has a passionate side that is rooted in its history.”

Marc Keller describes the Association as an “essential piece of the puzzle which helps to enhance the values of RC Strasbourg. It is not only about the club’s present time and its future but also about its past and its duty to preserve that memory. It is a crucial link. It is through my past experiences with German and English football that I truly understood the importance of the former players. I truly wanted RC Strasbourg to highlight its attachment to those who sported its colours.” 


Board Members

President: Léonard SPECHT 

Vice-Presidents: Roland MERSCHEL, Cédric KANTE 

Secretaries: Franck ROLLING, Régis DORN 

Tresurers: Eric MOSSER, Gérard HAUSSER 

Assessors: Joël TANTER, Martin DJETOU, Raymond STIEBER