Strasbourg and Femmes de Foot renew their partnership - Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace


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Strasbourg and Femmes de Foot renew their partnership

Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace and Femmes de Foot have renewed the partnership agreement that has linked them since 2017, the date of the founding, by Sabryna Keller, of this association, unique in France, which manages the social and societal aspects of Strasbourg’s policies.

“This is an essential partnership for the club and one that will last for the long term,” declared Marc Keller, President of the RCSA. I would like to salute the exceptional work being done by the association and those who work for it on a daily basis. This represents a lot of time and energy, a lot of involvement and passion. This work has allowed Strasbourg to strengthen its connections with its fanbase and to be ever more attentive to their potential issues. Our role is also to help bring happiness and comfort to many people from all sectors of the population, and all generations.”

“I am very happy to continue this collaboration and to imagine new initiatives together,” explained Sabryna Keller. “Our success is a collective effort, it mobilizes an entire ecosystem, it is a constant commitment, and it is a source of great pride. With Strasbourg, we share common values of a sense of being exemplary, solidarity, connection and sharing. Our common objective remains of course to raise public awareness but also and above all to continue to raise funds to support major advances.”

Throughout the year, Femmes de Foot develops and finances actions and projects to help people in difficulty and has already donated nearly a million euros to the region of Alsace over the past six years. Having been honoured several times by national footballing authorities, the Association has also worked greatly to increase the number of women who attend La Meinau stadium, which is today the Ligue 1 stadium which welcomes the greatest number of women: an average of 26%, or 9 points higher than the national average.

“This season again, under the banner of the slogan “La force d’une action” (a nod to that of RCSA, “La force d’une passion), the Women’s Football Association will implement a program rich with initiatives and events. The funds raised will be intended to support major causes such as the fight against breast cancer, disability, mental health or the  supports of caregivers, but also to provide assistance to various charitable projects being developed in the region,” concludes Sabryna. Keller.