Mégane Hoeltzel: “Always a pleasure to wear the blue jersey” - Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace


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Mégane Hoeltzel: “Always a pleasure to wear the blue jersey”

Called up by Sonia Haziraj for the France Under-20 squad taking part in the Sud Ladies Cup in Aubagne, our midfielder Mégane Hoeltzel shares her ambitions before the start of the tournament and as the Under-20 World Cup approaches.

Mégane, after a successful season with Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace (fifth in the Women’s Division 2), you go straight to the national team and the Sud Ladies Cup, which begins today for the French team.

”I’m very happy to be able to keep going. I’m not used to resting a lot. Almost automatically, when we’re resting, I do things on the side and I always try to do as much as possible in relation to football. And we’re talking about the national team, the French team, so obviously it’s always a pleasure to wear the blue jersey.”

At only 19, you already have 21 appearances (18 starts) for France. It’s already great international experience?

”It’s true that I’ve played in all the youth teams, the U16s, the U17s, the U18s, the U19s and here I am now in the U20s. However, I don’t really know if you can say that I’m experienced. There’s always a group of about 10 players who are together quite regularly in the youth teams. In this group, there must be two or three players currently developing in Division 2. There are quite a few others who play in Division 1, so I think we can say that it’s these Division 1 players who are the most experienced.”

As part of the Sud Ladies Cup, you will face the United States, the Netherlands and Mexico. How do you view these opponents?

“I never had the opportunity to play against the United States or against the Netherlands. On the other hand, we’ve played against the Mexicans during a tournament in Spain last November (2-0 win for France). Anyway, these are competitive nations that’ll also be present at the U20 World Cup. This tournament will allow us to gauge the level of the teams a little bit and, above all, to prepare well before the start of the serious matters.”

Born in 2003, you’re eligible to compete in the U20 World Cup (from 10 to 28 August in Costa Rica) but also the U19 European Championship (from 27 June to 9 July). What’s your goal?

”I played the European Championship qualifying matches with the U19s. So logically you could think that I want to participate in the competition for which I played the qualifiers. But honestly, if I had to choose, my goal is still to play in the World Cup. It’s something that makes you dream, it’s a bigger competition. This edition will also be played on another continent, in Costa Rica. It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to play such competitions. As some girls are older, more experienced, I feel a little more comfortable with the U20 group. I feel like I can progress faster by playing in this age category.”

Credit: FFF