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The elite group met the business world

On Tuesday, February 7th, the elite group, led by François Keller, Director of the Racing Mutest Academy, and Guillaume Lacour, trainer, benefited from a discovery visit of one of the production sites of Schmidt Groupe.

Initiated by Sylvain Metz, employee of the group and current manager of the Racing Mutest Academy, this visit allowed our young players to discover the professional world and to make them aware of its values.

“To succeed and to sublimate oneself”.

“This factory visit is extremely important in the training of our young Academy players. We have been insisting for years that they have  be committed to their passion to succeed and sublimate themselves,” insists François Keller. ‘’These are the same ingredients they will need later on to succeed in their professional lives. What better example than the values conveyed by Schmidt Groupe: Pleasure and Performance! I thank them for their welcome and the time they devoted to us.’’

The Racing Club of Strasbourg Alsace thanks Anne Leitzgen, President of the Schmidt Group, Laurence Chretien Director of Human Resources, Baptiste Aldosa Manager of Human Resources, Pascal Boulanger Manager of the U2 production site, as well as its manager Sylvain Metz, without whom this visit could not have been organized.

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Credit: Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace