LEBO MOTHIBA: “I JUST WANT TO HELP THE TEAM” - Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace


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Hampered by injuries over the last two years, Lebo Mothiba is back in form since the start of the season. With 3 goals already, he is Strasbourg’s top scorer…

You managed to take a good point on Sunday in Rennes. What are your feelings?

“It’s a good point for us, especially on the road. The match was tough and very closely fought. Rennes are a good team. We didn’t give up and we gave it our all until the end, and that was important. The “fighting spirit” was present. We’ve continued to work well this week with the ambition of taking 3 points this Sunday.”

You have played a run of matches this season and you have scored 3 goals so far. How do you judge your start to the season?

“I’m happy because I have playing time. My confidence is also coming back. The injuries are, I hope, behind me. I’m really very happy. I am here to help the team and I will give my all as usual. I’m going to continue to give my all on the pitch. We will continue to work together.”

There is a very important match against Clermont coming up this Sunday…

“It’s going to be a tough match again. Either way, all matches are difficult in Ligue 1 Uber Eats. We prepared for the match seriously as usual. We will do everything to take the 3 points, especially at home with the supporters who will be there to push us.”

“A group is being created”

It’s been almost a month since the last match at Meinau, did you miss it?

“Already a month?!” (Laughs). It will be good for us to see the supporters again. They are always there to encourage us all the way, even on the road. We need them. It’s like the South African supporters with the Springboks who were behind them until the end to seek victory in the final of the Rugby World Cup. It was very tough for them (3 victories by just one point, –ed.), but thanks to this support they managed to win.”

We have the impression that a unit, a group, is being built…

“Yes, it’s true! It’s good for the future, but it’s mainly thanks to our work because we work hard every day. Little by little, the bird makes its nest (he laughs with Gerzino Nyamsi nearby). Everything will fall into place. It can’t come all at once, we needed time, with the new players and the new staff, but it’s starting to take hold. A group is being created.”

You were back with the South African national team during the last two rounds of international play, was that a goal for you?

“Of course it was a goal. Now that I’m completely recovered from my injuries, and am able to fully train and play, and now to be back in the national team, it’s magnificent! Now I have to continue working and not slack off. I am giving it my all, and also taking care of my body, including lots of treatment and physiotherapy. I am also paying attention to eating well and sleeping well because it is very important to be able to train together and gain playing time. But, for the moment, I am very, very happy to be back with the national team and I am crossing my fingers to be there again in November. We will be playing qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup (against Benin and Rwanda, –ed). With the team we have, I am sure that we will succeed in qualifying.”

This season, the new staff is more English-speaking. Does this help you on a daily basis to communicate?

“No, for me it doesn’t change much because I speak French very well (he smiles). But it’s good for all of us and especially for those who don’t speak French very well. It helps that everyone understands what is being asked.”