Futsal: Strasbourg to play in D2 Futsal next season! - Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace


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Futsal: Strasbourg to play in D2 Futsal next season!

Strasbourg’s futsal team beat USJ Furiani 5-3 on Saturday. The win, which was achieved in an electric atmosphere, means that the Blue&White have secured their place in the second division.

Strasbourg travelled to Corsica on Saturday to face USJ Furiani in the final play-off match for promotion to the D2 Futsal division. The math was simple: the winner of the match would earn a ticket to D2 Futsal. Despite the buzzing atmosphere, Alexandre Tesevic’s protégés kept their cool throughout the game and, at the end of the suspense, won (5-3). This victory means they will be promoted to D2 for the 2023-2024 season.

Marc Keller, Chairman of Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace: “Only two years after its creation, our team will be playing in D2 Futsal. I’d like to congratulate their coach Alexandre Tesevic, the staff and all the players on this important step. It reinforces our ambition for this discipline, which complements outdoor football.

François Keller, Director of the Racing Mutest Académie: “This result rewards the work of our coach, his staff and our players, who have been working towards this goal for two seasons. We’re going to make sure that the players continue to learn and grow with the club.

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