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Academy graduates honored for second year

For the second year running, recent graduates of the Racing Mutest Academie were honored.

In the presence of sponsors (Mutest, adidas and Lohr), school partners, Olivier Faron, Rector of the Strasbourg Academy, representatives of the French Education Ministry, GRETA and local authorities, educators and teachers, as well as Marc Keller, President of RCSA, Léonard Specht, President of the Association, François Keller, Director of the Racing Mutest Académie, and his deputy Thierry Brand, current Racing Mutest Academy residents Nolan Ferro (General Baccalauréat), Mohamed Bechikh (General Baccalauréat), Tom Saettel (management sciences and technologies Baccalauréat), Ryan Tutu (management sciences and technologies Baccalauréat) and Mathieu Tahmouch ( University Degree in Business and Marketing du Sport) were congratulated before receiving their respective diplomas and a mortarboard.

Abdoul Ouattara (certificate of professional competence in soccer jobs) and Gianni d’Angelo (management sciences and technologies Baccalauréat), who were also honored, were unfortunately unable to attend.

The event was an opportunity to re-emphasize the place and importance of schooling in the training process of Racing Mutest Académie’s young players.

Racing Cub de Strasbourg Alsace congratulates all its 18 graduates in 2023, including those who have since left the club.

The graduates of 2023

Certificate of Professional competence in soccer jobs: OUATTARA Abdoul.
General Baccalauréat: BECHIKH Mohamed, FERRO Nolan, D’ANGELO Gianni.
Management Sciences and Technologies Baccalauréat: SAETTEL Tom, TUTU Ryan.
University Degree in sport business & marketing: TAHMOUCH Mathieu, DEPUIDT Lorenzo, AHMED Aymeric.

Other laureates who have since left the club:

Certificate of Professional Competence: DOR Jibril
General Baccalauréat: DJERRAH Karim, QUATTROCCHI Enzo, SCHULER Noah.
Management Sciences and Technologies Baccalauréat: TIRARD-COLLET Arthur 
University Degree Sport business and marketing: BRUGERON Margaux, HRICH Ryad.
Bachelor: LOMBOTO Julien
Soccer instructor’s certificate: MAGNIN-FEYSOT Laura.

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